Send Greeting Card

Send Greeting Card

Send a card to an inmate in one of the LA County jails serviced by Jail Well


Read and agree to the following Inmate Mail Rules & Regulations by checking the box.


Upload your favorite photos to send to a friend, family member or pen-pal. Correctly enter the required information and we will print and ship for you on standard 4×6 glossy paper! Once shipped photos will arrive to your inmate’s facility within 3 to 5 business days * Your family, friend to pen pal will receive their photos shortly after depending on the facilities inspection time. Disputed transaction can/and will end your inmate from continuing using Jail Well’s service. By accepting and agreeing to Jail Well’s Terms of Use and Refund Policy you hereby confirm the use of our service. If any of Jail Well’s Terms of Use and Refund Policy are violated Jail Well reserves the right to pursue legal action.

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About Us

JAIL WELL is dedicated to helping family and friends stay connected to their incarcerated loved ones by providing fast, safe and convenient services for all Los Angeles & Orange county jails. JAIL WELL is highly trusted in the corrections community, we protect your privacy and insure that your payments are secure and delivered on time, every time.

Since 2018 we have prided ourselves in providing EXCELLENT customer service for friends and family members of incarcerated individuals. Our dedicated professionals work around the clock and are always ready to help you resolve any issues you may have while using JAIL WELL.